March 30, 2009

More Kutiman

Great interview with the aforementioned Kutiman from Sasha-Frere-Jones at the New Yorker┬árevealing that he hadn’t even heard rock or funk until he worked (for a day) at a 7-11 in 2000. I love it.

If there was any doubt about whether the artists should be upset for him sampling there work, I talked to Mighty Lion, the dancehall singer on track #2 (who used to be a recording student of mine back in Miami - back when he was a mere cub) and he said he’s had thousands of views of his raw Youtube clip and his Myspace page. And judging by the comments he’s receiving, he’s getting lots of positive feedback from Kutiman’s fans. (Yeah Andre!)

As of now, the Thru-you page isn’t working, which is a shame because it really is the best way to interface with these songs, mostly because of the interactive credits that dont show up on the Youtube pages (and the awesome deconstructed Youtube interface). I guess he’s too successful for his own good.

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